Teddys from the Troops was started November 2011, upon my husband’s return from his third deployment.  All in all, the idea of my business is to use the ACU uniform of my clientele, as I find that it adds a personal touch to the bears, my train of thought was that it would be similar to wearing their old sweatshirt because it still has the familiar scent of the person.  Having the comfort that a loved one has worn what they are now hugging is just another way for kids, spouses, parents, etc. to identify with.​

     I am an Army veteran from before I had my kids, so I had some old ACU’s laying around that were never to be worn again.  I used these uniforms to make the first prototypes of my teddy bears, and my kids immediately took to them.  So much so, that it gave me the idea to start marketing them to others who are going through deployments.  ​

     I started researching different styles of teddy bears, and testing the products on my kids and with some of my friends.  So far, the results have been that they do help to bring a little piece of comfort to children who are going through military separation.