A few favorites to share with you!

We have had the good fortune of being featured on some wonderful blogs.  Therefore, it only seemed fitting to allow our fans and customers the easy access to finding our favorite blogs, right here on our website. 

Want to see your blog here?  All you have to do is review one of our products or become a Teddys from the Troops advertiser and you and your blog will always be one of our favorites too!

Call of Duty Endowment is not just a blog, it is also a grant program that honors America’s veterans.  They provide generous grants to military employment foundations, and have some wonderful content available to unemployed military veterans.

I had the privilege of receiving the Call of Duty Endowment’s first Outstanding Female Veteran Award this past year and am honored that my service is recognized, but more importantly that they recognized the work that I do here at Teddys from the Troops.  As both a veteran and an Army spouse, I know all too well how difficult military life is on families.  This is why it is my personal goal to help military families to overcome the hardships that military separation causes.

Lyon Party of 4 is another wonderful blog, written by an Army spouse.  This blog has a ton of great content, from crafting, military life, family, and so much more.  Definitely a must read for all you crafters, and just an all-around wonderful blog!

Army Tanker’s Wife is a blog, again written by an Army spouse.  (Seeing a trend yet?  We love our military bloggers!)  This blog has a ton of great content, from with excellent giveaways, medical tips for the military spouse, family content, and tributes to those who have served.  This blogs offers a great array of content for just about everyone!

The Ramblings of a Caffeinated Army Wife is an awesome blog with so many wonderful dynamics for you to enjoy.  Whether you are looking for product reviews, giveaways, guest posts, family trips, and everything in between, rest assured that you can find it all on the Caffeinated Army Wife’s blog, twitter feed, or Facebook page.

Life Lessons of a Military Wife is an awesome blog, especially for anyone stationed in Europe.  This blog offers some great travel tips for anyone looking for real-life experiences while living in the EU.

A Soldier’s Angel is a blog written with many different topics in mind.  From opinions, weight-loss, product reviews, giveaways, all can be found on this wonderful blog.  In addition, one of my favorite military spouse affiliated Facebook pages is actually run by Jamie as well.  This page is calls Army Wives Do It With Hooah (aka AWDIWH)